The Internet at MTELUS, Dec 8 2018

The Hive Mind Tour by The Internet and Moonchild came through Montreal at MTELUS on Dec 8 2018 with a concert incomparable to any I have ever seen.

After attending the meet and greet, I watched as hundreds of fans gathered, gazing at three horns and two sets of keyboards on the stage in anticipation. Moonchild started off the night with a fun upbeat tempo tune “The List,” A track off their latest album entitled Voyager. Once Moonchild walked onto the stage, The neo-soul trio captivated the audience with the whimsical melodies of their flute clarinet and keys, then the jazzy hip hop in their beats, complimented by the sax and trumpet.

As always, Moonchild's energy was 100 per cent. The acoustics could have been better, but they still came through with that energy, leaving the audience mesmerized after every solo and musical peak. I must say I love lead singer Amber Navran’s spunky personality and funky dance moves on stage.

Considering that Moonchild is a multi-instrumentalist band, Voyager includes many instrumental ambient songs and euphoric performances. This really gave the audience a chance to just vibe, and enjoy songs like “6 AM.” Two days after releasing the track "Get to Know it,” Moonchild shared a bit about the meaning of the song,  followed by a live premiere of the tune at MTELUS.

Finally, The Internet. Patrick, Steve, Matt, and Chris hop on their instruments, and the lights rise from the floor up to the balcony as “Come Together” grew from a silent hum, to a loud roar. Moments before her first verse, lead singer Syd hit the stage electrifying the crowd. I couldn’t wait to dance to some of my favourites like “La Di Da”, “Beat Goes On” and “Burbank Funk”.

Syd shared some insight as she mentioned her battle with depression as she sings “It Gets Better (with Time).”

After a night of singing, dancing, talking, laughing, and making new friends, we did not want the show to end. The crowd went crazy one final time, with a solid minute of screaming and clapping and roaring love.

As I was leaving, I saw Moonchild just standing, chilling and waiting to greet the audience as they left. I went over and before I could even say anything, Amber enthusiastically said “Hey I saw your cover of “The List” and I was feelin’ it so much!” She gave me a hug, and saved my album onto her phone. Certainly another highlight of the night. I forgot I had been speaking with celebrities. Both sets of band members were all just so humble and down to earth, genuinely here for the music.

Both bands are on hiatus for the moment. The Internet will be performing in South Africa for New Years eye, Thailand in February of 2019, and in April The Hive Mind Tour will reach Europe, sharing their good vibes and music with the world.

Aliah Guerra is a Singer/Songwriter and host of Concordia Music Zone Out on CJLO 1690AM