Joey Valence & Brae Unleashed Retro Riffs and Modern Beats at Le Ministere

The frigid Canadian weather became the butt of many jokes throughout the night as Joey Valence & Brae took the stage on January 26th 2024, charming the audience with witty quips about the Great White North. 

The dynamic duo from Pennsylvania dropped their debut single in 2021, signalling the start of their music-making adventure. They bring a vibe that's worth keeping tabs on, with their knack for blending an old-school groove with today's prominent internet culture, creating a musical ride that appeals to folks of all ages. Picture a mix of Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, and your favourite video game soundtrack. Timeless and bang-up-to-date, Joey Valence & Brae craft a sound that's as catchy as it is diverse.

From start to finish, the energy in the venue remained at an all-time high, with no dull moments in sight. The artists maintained an infectious enthusiasm that resonated with the audience, keeping them on their feet throughout the entire show. 

A notable theme of the evening was the artists' emphasis on their independent journey, proudly highlighting their lack of a record contract. They shared anecdotes about their grassroots rise and the freedom it afforded them in pursuing their unique blend of sound, and more importantly, focusing on quality over quantity as they just recently celebrated their first album titled Punk Tactics released in early September of 2023. 

The camaraderie between the two performers, who had forged a deep friendship in their freshman year at Penn State University, was evident in their on-stage synergy. Their shared love for old-school favourites such as Prodigy and Run D.M.C resonated throughout the venue, creating a nostalgic yet refreshing vibe. As the performance unfolded, the energy took diverse forms – from lively mosh pits igniting during their punk-infused anthem "Start a Fight" to the crowd breaking into a rave-like dance frenzy in response to their futuristic electronic track "Drop." These contrasting moments showcased the versatility of their sound and the audience's enthusiastic response, making for an eclectic and unforgettable experience.

The crowd was treated to a unique spectacle when the artists invited them to showcase their talents, turning the concert into an interactive experience.The stage transformed into a melting pot of creativity with a freestyle exposé, a worm dance competition that had the audience in splits, and a b-boy breakdance number that left everyone in awe. The duo's decision to involve the crowd brought a sense of community and inclusivity, turning the concert into more than just a performance.

Many expressions of love, appreciation, and gratitude flowed freely from the performers, creating a genuine connection with the audience. Yet, when the music started, the atmosphere transformed into an electrifying wave of hype, showcasing the artists' dedication to delivering a memorable performance. This blend of personal connection and energetic showmanship left concert-goers with a lasting impression of a night filled with laughter, talent, and the celebration of independent artistry.