Jorja Smith at MTELUS, Dec 18 2018

Photo: Louis Pavlakos

Performing at her sold out show on Tuesday December 19th at MTELUS, the lovely Jorja Smith blessed us with her amazing vocal range and an unforgettable tone.

Before walking into the concert, it was clear Smith has captured the hearts of a particularly trendy crowd. From long trench coats to hipster hats, the throng of young UK inspired fashionistas were serving looks all night. It was marvellous.

The stage decoration was a simple long red drape and accompanied by strong theatre lights scattered around. The concert focused on the music thus unaccompanied by any backup dancers, singers or any extra fla fla. The spotlight was on Smith and it made for a more intimate show for us to be a part of. The second she walked on stage, cellphones flew up and the crowd went wild. Everyone knew they were in the presence of a queen. She wore a short fitted dress with her signature hair in bun look. I could hear everyone whisper about how beautiful she was and it it’s true. She is a stunner!

The best part of the show was the talented band that accompanied her. It sounded exactly like the album Lost & Found, adding some soulful solos in between songs which blew us all away. Popular musicians aren’t always great live performers. Some concerts are filled with pitchy vocals and mistakes but Jorja Smith’s was the exact opposite. She didn’t sing one flat note. It is clear she has some kind of operatic vocal training because the girl can SING! While technically proficient, the concert lacked a storytelling element. It was clear that it was the end of her tour and she must have been exhausted. I would have loved to hear more about her songs and her story. I found myself wanting to connect more with her but couldn’t, due to the lack of exchange between herself and the audience. It seemed a little too rehearsed.

That being said if you are looking to spend the evening with your loved one while listening to beautifully sung love songs, this is the concert for you! Be ready for a  swarm of fans singing along to every word of every song. She is clearly a sweet, shy and kind soul that has a gift and is learning how to share it. She was extremely thankful to her fans and wished us all a safe ride home. She clearly knows where she is going now. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Deidra Chois is a Jazz Studies Vocalist, a former La Voix contestant, and host of Feels Radio on CJLO 1690AM