KREATOR - Enemy Of God

By Korgull The Destroyer - Metal for Supper - The Afternoon Edition - 01/11/2005

Kreator seem to have given up on experimenting with their sound and have once again opted for the straightforward thrash metal style that they are known for. You can decide for yourself if this is a good thing or not, but bottom line is that it worked very well for them on Violent Revolution and it has worked for them once again with their latest album, Enemy of God.

The title track starts it off on a fast note; it’s one of the longer songs and has several fun change-ups. By the time it finishes, the pace for the rest of the album is pretty much set. Songs such as “Suicide Terrorists” and “Dying Race Apocalypse” make up the bulk of the album, being fast and to-the-point thrash songs about corrupted governments and pointless wars. “Murder Fantasies” is rather Slayer-esque in the sense that it’s a song simply about violence. “Voices of the Dead” is a slightly ballad-like track, complete with clean vocals for the chorus.

Enemy of God lacks the urgency that Violent Revolution had. With that album, Kreator set out to prove that they could still write the great thrash music they did fifteen years ago, which they succeeded in doing. Of course, it would’ve been impossible for Enemy of God recapture that sense of urgency but that ultimately is irrelevant. Enemy of God is a great thrash metal record, and we don’t see that much anymore.