Laufey Bewitches Theatre Beanfield

Laufey's Bewitching tour truly is representative of its name. The 24-year-old is currently the most streamed jazz musician on Spotify. She holds inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Oscar Peterson, and Taylor Swift. Saturday, October 28th, the Icelandic singer took the stage to perform her latest album Bewitched at Theatre Beanfield.

The night started with the opener, Adam Melchor, an indie artist, singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  He demonstrated impressive vocal riffs and guitar playing. The artist’s stage presence was impeccable as he had the ability to keep an audience entertained with introspective rants and self-deprecating humour, notably telling stories of his childhood and an ex’s car hitting a tree. His lyrics held the same power of beautifully juxtaposing humour and vulnerability. 

Once Laufey came on, I finally understood why people love jazz so much, as she serenaded the crowd like a princess singing to animals in the forest. She meticulously enchanted everyone with her beautiful voice and diary-inspired lyrics. The singer-songwriter writes on matters of the heart, such as secret longing, hopeful endeavours, and remorse. The crowd was the loudest for the song “From the Start,” singing and sometimes screaming along to her hopeful and hopeless lyrics about having a crush on a friend who doesn’t feel the same way. Laufey showed great musical skill in jazz, classical and pop music, with her ability to switch between three guitars, the cello, and the piano at any given moment. Her theatrical facial expressions and dancing made it feel like we were all listening to her tell stories, like a group of old friends. 

Laufey often interacted with the audience by replying to the people who screamed out, laughing with the crowd, and speaking of her hopes and fears, anything that led her to write and create such poetry. 

At the end of the night, she performed a one-off surprise song, “Dance With You Tonight,” which she explained would only be performed in Montreal. Laufey made me want to fall in love, cry, and rewatch all my favourite childhood fairy tales. Finally, she gave me a deeper appreciation for jazz.