A message from CJLO 1690AM Management and the CBSC on the CSU Elections

CJLO 1690AM is proud to support Concordia students during this uncertain time through volunteer opportunities, diverse programming, paid positions, and podcast funding. We believe that Brick by Brick, led by Eduardo Malorni, is the right team to lead the Concordia Student Union through this unprecedented period of change. It is clear that Eduardo, S Shivaane, Malcolm, Hannah, Faye, Camina, Aria, and Harrison are best-equipped to help students navigate the upcoming school year. As a media organization, we prioritize open communication, transparency, and accountability. We are happy to see Brick by Brick lay out plans for direct and ongoing dialogue with the Concordia student community

In 2020, we have initiated two projects with the Concordia Student Union, alongside Eduardo, as Student Life Coordinator. First, we worked with the CSU executive on developing a podcast series about the latest news and issues affecting the Concordia undergraduate student community. This podcast is called The Yellow Curtain and is available on CJLO’s SoundCloud account. Second, we worked with the CSU to create a Podcast Development Fund available to undergraduate students looking to go above and beyond with a special audio project pertaining to Concordia students. We are proud to work with Eduardo on these projects and we hope they continue into next year and beyond. 

As a fee-levy group, we understand how important it is to serve students and give them a meaningful, enriching campus experience, and how instrumental the CSU is to fostering and nurturing that experience alongside groups like ours. We would like to continue serving students and expand on our growth in 2020, with a student-focused CSU as our partner, so that we can continue to report on the news, deliver content, and curate music that students need and expect during this time.

If you are a Concordia undergraduate student, please show your support for Brick by Brick on March 16 to 19. 



CJLO 1690AM Management
Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation