Montreal Comiccon: The Penguin, Meeting Jessica Nigri, and Firely Banter

Here is DJ Philliam's final Montreal Comiccon recap! Thanks again to the fine folks at Comiccon and Palais des congrès for another great year! Main photo by Brian 'Döc' Holidæ from Geektastiq Cypha. Check out our Instagram @CJLO1690AM for more photos Montreal Comiccon cosplayers!


Robin Lord Taylor was the first Q&A I attended in morning. Waiting in the hall with music from Gotham playing in the background made it so exciting. Robin took questions from fans regarding Gotham, relayed how much the film and his role as the Penguin impacted his career, his favourite scenes to film, and what he enjoyed most about portraying Penguin. He was also featured as a guest on the Walking Dead where he didn't have lines just a death scene, and it was the best thing he'd ever done on another show.

Next, I attended Tom Felton's panel. I would have to say this was the best panel of the day by far. Tom discussed how much Harry Potter has influenced so many people's lives, and how much people care about the series. Many questions were asked about how it was like on set, and that if he stole anything from it. He also shared some hilarious stories about his time with the late Alan Rickman, and filming a scene at 4:00 AM outside of the castle for the scene with Dumbledore's death. There was another moment where they were in the potions class and Alan had a long cape that looked like a wedding gown, if anyone would were to step on it he would get really upset and scold them. The last question was from a little kid who said that she had never seen a Harry Potter movie before, and everyone gasped. She asked if she should get on that and Tom was like, "Let's make the audience decide!" Everyone shouted in a huge uproar, "YES!"

I head on over to the Square Enix booth afterwards to play the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided game on the PC. It was a fun and interesting futuristic first-person shooter set in the year 2099, with dark action and a cool story. As I was exploring the show floor, I noticed the artists' section and all the cosplay guests were still there. I waited in line for cosplay celebrity Jessica Nigri and talked to some nice people who were talking about RWBY and cosplay plans for next year. When the opportunity came, I finally met Jessica, said hi, and gave her a big hug. She signed my RWBY Volume 3 DVD that I picked up just that morning. I was really happy to meet her and have a nice short chat.

Around 2:35, I headed on over to Summer Glau's panel. She recalled memories of working on Firefly and the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer also recalled a lot of interaction with Nathan Fillion, being on set where one point she screwed up her line and Nathan jokingly yelled, "you blew it!" An emotional moment she also had was when Sean's character had a death scene. Summer cried so hard because she had such a connection. She had been practicing the scene for a while, and that when they were on set she was crying so hard, that they accidentally forgot to film the take. Joss Whedon had told her, "I'm so sorry, we forgot to record that", and he felt so bad.

The last thing on my check list was to see the Star Wars Concert Symphony, which gave me chills. It sounded like John Williams was actually there conducting the music and the performers who played the pieces were astounding, it was one of the best concerts I've seen for an orchestra in a long time.


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