Montreal Fringe Matt Enos & The Rivermen Can Make Any Evening Blissful

Sunday evening, at a cosy Petit Campus on Prince Arthur Street, was a band mesmerising their audience with soulful blues and jazz tunes. 

Standing front and center engaging with the cheering audience was the band’s lead guitarist and singer Matt Enos. To his right was their bass guitarist Gavin Marshall, and to his left was Ben Brimacombe playing beautifully on the keyboard for Montreal's Fringe. A band playing songs to sway is only incomplete without a drummer; and so behind the three members with his enormous drum set, filling the songs with rhythmic beats and ambient sound bits, was Chris Leger. Together, they are Matt Enos & The Rivermen, for whom you should keep your ears out for.  

Matt Enos narrated a story about how he encountered a street that was filled with people getting high. The funny interactions and scenes on this street inspired him to choose Ray Charles’, “Let’s Go Get Stoned” to improvise. Jazz and the blues are considered to be the best music genres to improvise and jam with among other musicians. The band has put this feature to their best use. 

Halfway through wonderful improvisations and original compositions by the band, Matt Enos picked up his red shining guitar to play the "Lonesome Child" tune. They rocked the stage with this, garnerning the rowdiest cheers and longest hoots from the crowd.  

Over the summer they are playing at different venues. Watch out for updates on their Facebook page for more blissful evenings here.