New Media and Politics Wrap

Hello. Going to try and post as many links a fast as possible to make sense out of one day at the beginning of what is usually called the silly season.

Want to tell you right up front, I'm a big Obama fan. Even though he's too conservative for my political tastes, I like the guy. He seems overly cautious and too concerned with making nice with his Republican opponents who can only say "NO" to everything - to the point of absurdity. I also think this will be what keeps him in power longer than he might otherwise be. There's no sense of decency or fairness from the other side and so that will shield from the worst kind of political fallout for his missteps.


It's been hard to watch as the media lies and creates new rules and standards that apply only to him - like nonsense about teleprompters and respecting the customs of the foreign dignitaries he meets and czars and an endless string of stupidities that are catalogued in this kos diary


The MSM is nothing though if not unbalanced in their approach to Democrats and Republicans. From MMFA a chronicling of the different treatment of two would be candidates who misspoke about their military backgrounds - one Democratic and one Republican.

 War-mongering Republicans cheer the massacre of 19 peace activists - Obama says little, Hillary says Israel can conduct its' own investigation into slaughter. Those people had the nerve to try and defend themselves! The head of the Mossad acknowledges Israel is a burden to US interests.

In Iraq, May saw more violence - 275 civilians killed, 520 wounded - sure doesn't get reported much. In Afghanistan an attempt at peace by bringing Taliban fighters into the mainstream. Taliban dismisses peace conference and threatens death to 1600 delegates participating.

Halley Barbour, the Republican governor of Mississippi who claimed the spill was no big deal a short time ago and mocked media coverage is not saying much now. An even bigger idiot and liar, Sarah Palin claims the tragedy in the Gulf vindicates her moronic "drill baby drill." cries during the election. You see she didn't mean off-shore (she did!) she meant places like ANWR (Arctic Wildlife National Refuge). Her claim of Obama's obeisance to the oil industry is laughable: The oil and gas industry donated $2.4 million to Palin's running mate, Republican John McCain, in the 2008 election cycle, and $900,000 to Obama.

BP news about today's attempt at slowing spill down and word about criminal investigation. Word that BP is trying to hide dead animals from view.