News for August 10th 2015

by Saturn de Los Angeles



Residents in the South Shore town of St-Remi may have to wait until December before they can use their tap water again. 

In a report by CBC News, a boil-water advisory has been place for six months after fecal bacteria was discovered inside a newly dug well.

Mayor Sylvie Gagnon-Breton says the advisory needs to be enforced until a half-a-million dollar water treatment facility is completed at the well's location.
The delay has prompted the roughly 5, 000 unhappy residents to use bottled water for their daily needs. 

by Patricia Petit Liang

The Public Health Agency of Canada has announced that two people have been hospitalized after contracting Cyclospora, an intestinal illness.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, no deaths have been caused by Cyclospora so far as it can be easily cured with antibiotics .

The agency says that although the source of the Cyclospora outbreak is still unknown, it has been spread in the past through various kinds of imported fresh produce, including pre-packaged salad mix, herbs and berries.

Children and the elderly have the highest risk of developing complications related to the parasite, and citizens are being warned to be careful when washing their produce.

by Catlin Spencer


A declaration of peace was made at the memorial service held in Nagasaki, Japan on Sunday- 70 years after an atomic bomb dropped on the city.
According to the BBC, US forces dropped the bomb during World War Two, destroying a third of the city and killing at least 70, 000 people.
At the ceremony, Nagasaki mayor Tomihisa Taue offered a peace declaration in response to the widespread unease about Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's new legislation, which would allow Japan to engage in combat if an ally were to come under attack.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon issued a statement as well, saying that the future use of nuclear weapons cannot be allowed, so that there are no more Hiroshimas and no more Nagasakis.