News for August 21th. 2015

A powerful painkiller called fentanyl is being mixed with street drugs like heroin.

According to CTV News, officials warn that the number of deadly overdoses is soaring in Canada, with seven people dead in Montreal from fentanyl-related causes.

Fentanyl is up to 100 times stonger than morphine and 40 times stronger than heroin.

An antidote for fentanyl exists, called Naloxone, and can reverse the drug’s effects and is currently available in easy-to-use kits.


Various civil rights groups are speaking out against a new law which allows the federal government to revoke citizenship for some dual nationals.

The Canadian Association of refugee lawyers or CARL find that the rules of Bill C-24 create a tiered system, which is unfair to naturalized citizens.

The law also requires that dual citizens state their intent to stay in the country, but the statement could be used as proof of misrepresentation if they are forced to stay out of Canada for educational or personal reasons.

CBC News reports that the CARL and other organizations seek to launch a formal constitutional challenge of the law. 


Front-line military soldiers in North Korea have been ordered to enter a war time state on Friday and be fully battle ready to launch surprise operations.
According to CNN, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made the declaration after an exchange of fire with South Korea on Thursday morning and accused the South of military provocation.
The South Korean Defense Ministry says two shells were fired from the Northern country and dozen of shells were fired in response, but there were no casualties.
This is not the first time North Korea has issued such threats of military action.