News for August 26th 2015

by Saturn de Los Angeles


Montrealers can finally see the next generation of metro cars during their commute. 

According to the Montreal Gazette, the bright blue-colored AZUR cars have begun testing on the Orange and Blue lines.

The STM's François Chamberland says that commuters should expect frequent delays, and that passengers will not be allowed to board the new trains. 

The new fleet will be passing by every station during daytime hours between now and December to make final adjustments before they can be used by the public. 

Once the tests are complete, the 468 new trains will go into regular service by early next year, replacing the most recent fleet in use since 1984.

by Patricia Petit Liang

The Canadian dollar plummeted below 75 American cents on Tuesday for the first time in 11 years.

According to The Star, Canadian currency began to lose its value towards the end of 2012, and fell more in 2014 due to falling oil prices, the Canadian market lacking diversity, and the country lagging behind the United States economically.

While a low dollar could be beneficial to the tourism industry, it does not fair well to those wishing to travel or study abroad.
However, the devalued loonie may start to benefit Canadians after 2016, as many hope that it will lead to booming exports and stimulate manufacturing in Canada.
by Catlin Spencer
Germany's highest court of appeal ruled Tuesday that the Apple Incorporated patent on the Slide to Unlock feature is invalid.
According to Reuters, the German Federal Court of Appeals ruling reaffirms a 2013 decision to reject the US company's claim in a lower court.
The court stated that it's decision is based on the similarity of a Swedish company's phone, Neonode Inc., that had a similar feature that was released a year before the iPhones launch in 2007. 
The Slide to Unlock screen is one of Apple's most popular features, and rival companies such as Android are developing similar versions.