News for August 28th, 2015

An outbreak of Legionnaires disease has killed two people and is the focus of a new investigation headed by Quebec’s Health Department.

According to the Montreal Gazette, more than 16 people have contracted the disease by inhaling small droplets of contaminated water.

Authorities say that the disease is most likely the result of deadly bacteria growing in inside of a cooling system at an arena in Quebec City.

Symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease include coughing, fevers and breathing problems but luckily most people have a very low chance of contracting it and it cannot be transmitted from person to person.


After five months of economic decline, Canada will find out next week whether or not it is in a recession.

According to CTV, next Tuesday Statistics Canada will release its GDP figures to show if the country has had two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth- which would qualify as a recession.

Former chief statistician Munir Shiekh says Canada has no one to blame but itself, since three quarters of it's exports go to the US, making for a weak economy

While Shiekh supports the idea of a deficit spending plan to help boost the economy, a recent poll shows that only a little over half of Canadians agree with deficit spending, 36 per cent oppose it and 10 percent remain unsure.  


Supreme Court head, Vasiliki Thanou, was sworn in as Greece's Prime Minister on Thursday, making her the first woman to hold this title.

Thanou replaces Alexis Tsirpas, who resigned due to internal disputes in his party after he agreed to income cuts and tax hikes.

Tsirpas maintained he had no choice but to accept such cuts if Greece were to remain in the European Union, in spite of the fact he had urged Greeks to vote against such measures earlier this year.

Prime Minister Thanou will appoint a cabinet on Friday, when the date of future elections will be confirmed.