News for August 3rd 2015

by Saturn de Los Angeles

The waiting list for children who need surgery is increasing.
In a report by the Montreal Gazette, more than 2,500 children at the Montreal Children's Hospital have been put aside on the priority list. 

The numbers come after a Montreal mother went public on social media on behalf of her son who had his scheduled operation cancelled at the last minute.

This is the third time the boys surgery has been rescheduled due to a lack of ICU beds.
Critics say there is lack of funds to support and staff the Intensive Care Units of every pediatric hospital in Quebec.

The provincial government has committed to austerity cuts of up to 21 million dollars for health care.

by Catlin Spencer
As the Federal electoral campaigns kicked off Sunday, a call to end Stephen Harpers Conservative government was made by the opposition.
According to the Huffington Post, the Liberal premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne says Canada needs a new approach from a new prime minister.
Wynne criticized Harper of working against provinces instead of with them, as well as funding non-priority infrastructure projects.
She says that both federal and provincial governments must work together for the country to be at it's best.
At the moment, Wynne says she is working to elect Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, who seems to be set towards such a goal with the provinces, according to her.

The federal elections will take place October 19th.

by Patricia Petit Liang

Temperatures in Iranian city of Bandar Mashahr reached a high of 46 C on Friday but felt more like 73 because of the humidity.

According to CBC News, the heat wave has also reached Iraq, with temperatures as high as 52 C causing the Iraqi government to implement a mandatory holiday.

Citizens were warned to stay out of the sun and to stay hydrated in order to avoid the dangers of heatstroke.

Recent cuts to electricity and water in countries with conflict, like Iraq, have made it harder for many to beat the heat.