News for August 8th, 2015

by Catlin Spencer
After launching a petition to ban controversial pick-up-artist and blogger Daryush Valizadeh from entering Canada, a Montreal woman says she's received multiple death threats.
According to CBC News, Aurelie Nix says she's received both death threats and threats of rape after Valizadeh posted links to nude photos of her in response to her protesting his plans to come to Montreal.
In an online video, Valizadeh, also known as Roosh V asked fans to collect the personal information of protesters.
V's work is controversial as he has written extensively on techniques to seduce women, including a guide to sex tourism and is a vocal men's rights activist.
Despite the petition against his event having over 12, 000 signatures, Roosh V says he is determined to come to Montreal on Saturday.
by Catlin Spencer
A study finding that Canadians with HIV are living longer than ever shows inconsistencies in who is living longer.
According to CTV News, a researcher has pointed out that life expectancy has increased more for men than it has for women, aboriginals or those with a history of drug abuse.
In response, the researcher has asked for a national HIV/AIDS strategy with an emphasis on early treatment and prevention.
While the study offered no explanation for the discrepancy, the study's principal investigator suggested socioeconomic conditions and access to treatment as possible factors.
by Catlin Spencer
North Korea is turning its clocks back thirty minutes and creating it's own time zone, known as Pyongyang standard time.
According to Reuters, the change will take effect on August 15th and will mark the 70th anniversary of the country's liberation from Japanese rule.
Switching to Pyongyang time will also mean that Korea is leaving the timezone it shared with South Korea and Japan.