by Patricia Petit Liang


Guercy Edmond has been acquitted of hit and run, 3 years after running over a violent client with his taxi cab.

According to CTV News, the Quebec court found him not guilty of aggravated assault and dangerous driving.

The incident was caught on video, depicting the intoxicated client attacking the cab driver.



by Catlin Spencer


A civil lawsuit of at least 75 000 dollars was filed against the city of Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday by the parents of Michael Brown.

According to CNN, lawyers for Brown’s parents have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit over the fatal shooting of their 18-year-old son by officer Darren Wilson.

The lawsuit states that the shooting was unjustified, an unnecessary and unreasonable amount of force was used, and that Wilson destroyed evidence and interfered with the investigation by washing blood off his hands and bagging his own gun.

Brown was unarmed when he was shot, which sparked both peaceful and violent protests in Ferguson as well as a national movement.