by Catlin Spencer


After fourteen years, NASAs Messenger spacecraft ran out of fuel and crashed into Mercury on Thursday.

According to BBC, Messenger slammed into a region of the planets north pole at roughly 14,000 kilometers per hour, most probably obliterating the spacecraft.

During its mission, Messenger sent more than 270,000 images and 10 terabytes of scientific measurements back to Earth.

Evidence of water ice hiding in Mercury's polar craters and a bizzare off-center magnetic field were discovered thanks to the craft.

Unfortunately, Messenger was out of contact during its final moments before the crash, exploding with more than 1,000 unseen images.



by Patricia Petit Liang


A topless protester interrupted a news conference on Bill 20 at the Quebec City National Assembly on Thursday.

According to Global News, the conference was halted abruptly for 30 seconds as activist Neda Topaloski denounced the province’s most recently proposed health legislation.

Topaloski was acting on behalf of the international feminist movement Femen, known for staging topless protests.

Many womens rights groups became concerned about Bill 20 possibly limiting access to abortions, although Quebec’s Health Minister Gaétan Barrette says the Bill will allow doctors to perform more services, including abortions.