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Quebec has reprinted a series of high school textbooks to include proper Indigenous terminology and history.
The Canadian Press reports stereotypical visual representation and terminology such as "Amerindian" have been updated.
The books were printed for a course drafted in 2016 by the Parti Québecois, which has been criticized for diminishing the roles of non-francophones in Canadian history.
Alberta will develop a code of conduct to protect scientists from political backlash.
Environment Minister Shannon Phillips criticized Conservative politicians for what she described as an undermining of scientists' freedom to address the public. 
The CBC reports Phillips slammed conservatives who do not believe in scientific methods and the reality of climate change. 
Saudi Arabia is demanding an apology from Canada.
Al Jazeera reports the Saudi government took offense to a tweet from Canada's foreign policy agency calling for the release of Saudi women's rights activists.
The Saudi foreign minister responded "We demand the immediate release and independence of Quebec and the granting of equal rights to Canadian Indians."