News for Froday July 10th, 2015

Montreal public transit users can now re-charge their OPUS cards at home.
According to the Gazette, for 16 dollars and 66 cents- after taxes- people can purchase a card-reader from the STM's website and recharge their cards at or
At the moment, STM users can only purchase full and reduced weekly and monthly passes, but STM chairperson Philippe Schnobb says single tickets will be available in a few weeks.
The online recharging system was originally promised for 2013 and cost 7.6 million dollars to develop. 
A 14 year old in Toronto was shot and killed with an illegal semi-automatic handgun on Thursday.

According to CBC News, Lecent Ross was rushed to a trauma center after being shot in the upper body, but passed away later in the morning.

She was surrounded by other children and an adult at the time of the shooting, all of whom are currently collaborating with police.

Detective Rich Petrie voiced his concerns regarding the gun, stating that the death could have been prevented, and that someone knew about the gun and chose to turn a blind eye.

Pope Francis apologized to Bolivia’s first-ever indigenous president, Evo Morales, on Thursday.
Francis asked for forgiveness for the pain and suffering caused by the Catholic Church to the indigenous people during the colonial conquest of the Americas.

According to CTV News, his apology was warmly accepted by many indigenous and grass-roots groups who had gathered for a world summit against injustice and social inequality.

In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI was criticized for defending the church’s campaign to convert indigenous people to Christianity, making the apology that much more significant.