News for July 20th 2015

by Catlin Spencer

As the 22nd annual National Drowning Prevention Week launches in Quebec, the director general of the province's Livesaving Society is issuing warnings about proper safety guidelines.
According to CTV News, Raynald Hawkins says that 80 per cent of boating drownings occur due to victims neglecting to wear their life jackets.
Hawkins adds that alcohol and water don't mix, as one in five drowning victims were under the influence of alcohol.
So far, there have been 21 drownings in Quebec, most if not all could have been prevented with proper safety procedures according to the Society.
by Saturn de Los Angeles

The online hacking group Anonymous says it is planning revenge for one of their fellow members.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the group claims that it is seeking justice for a man who was allegedly murdered by police at a hydro electric dam in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

On Sunday, the group hacked both the website and social media accounts of the RCMP.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney says he is still working on the situation- however, the RCMP declined to comment on the matter.


by Patricia Petit Liang

The United States, Russia, Norway, Canada and Denmark have all signed a deal to prevent commercial fishing near the North Pole.

According to BBC News, scientists claim that the central Arctic will not have fish stocks until the ice starts to melt in the summer.

Environmental organization Greenpeace supported the agreement, but criticized it as well.

They claim that the deal is not permanent because the countries involved are motivated by resource extraction rather than the conservation of wildlife.