News for July 22nd 2015

by Patricia Petit Liang

The Universite du Quebec a Montreal lifted an injunction granted in court last April amidst the student protests.

The injunction ensured that no one could prevent access to campus buildings, threaten students and staff or vandalize UQAM property.

According to the Montreal Gazette, UQAM and the student associations came to a mutual agreement to withdraw the injunction on July 6th.

The injunction was put into place soon after Rector Robert Proulx called the police in order to stop masked protesters from blocking student access to UQAM’s downtown campus.

by Tom Matukala

115 new wildfires have started up across British Columbia. 

According to CBC news, the fires started under 24 hours.

B.C. Wildfire Service member Ryan Turcot says that lightning that was seen in the area Sunday night was a major reason for the fires.

The heat and powerful winds are making it difficult for firefighters to contain them.

About 1400 homes have lost power due to these events and an evacuation order is set for nine communities in the area.

The B.C. Wildfire Service is working on getting as many recourses as they can to keep the situation under control

by Saturn de Los Angeles

A mass funeral took place on Tuesday for 32 victims of a suicide bomb attack near the Turkish-Syrian border.

In a report by BBC News, the victims were university students involved in social activism. 

Turkish authorities suspect the bomber to be a militant from the Islamic State. 

At the funeral, mourners were rallying against the Turkish government for failing to address the escalating violence at the border.

Turkey is also under scrutiny by the West for not working hard enough to halt the growth of I.S. militants in the region.