News for July 3rd, 2015

The Montreal SPCA is at full capacity as of Thursday.

According to CTV news, the situation is common after July 1rst, which is Quebec's moving day.

The agency argues that the influx of abandoned pets is due to wide-spread no-pets clauses.

The SPCA is lobbying to prohibit such clauses, as the Quebec government tabled legislation last month regarding the status of animals as "sensitive beings".

Advocates have been criticizing Canada’s strict new voting rules, claiming that thousands of voters could be turned away from the polls because of insufficient ID.
According to the Globe and Mail, the Fair Elections Act has made it so that voter information cards are no longer accepted as identification, creating problems for students, aboriginal people and the elderly.
The Council of Canadians and Canadian Federation of Students have asked the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to grant an interim injunction to the Fair Elections Act to allow voters to identify themselves using their voter information cards.
There are still 39 forms of ID that Canadians can use when voting, including Canadian passports, birth certificates and student ID cards.
The World Health Organization says that Cuba has successfully eliminated the transmission of HIV and syphilis from mother to child.
According to BBC, the achievement comes after years of effort to grant early access of testing, drugs and prenatal care to pregnant women.
Through the use of antiretroviral [anti-retro-viral] medicines, the risk of transmitting HIV drops from 15 or 45 per cent to about 1 per cent. 

Pan American Health Organization member, Dr. Carissa Etienne, says Cuba's achievement provides inspiration for other countries to do the same -and help eliminate the transmission of such infections.