News for July 8th 2015

by Patricia Petit Liang


Montreal’s first official homelessness count has found that there are 3 016 homeless people living the city.

According to CBC News, more than 800 volunteers- led by the Douglas Mental Health University and the YMCAs of Quebec- discovered that more than 76 percent of the homeless people in Montreal are men.

The results of the survey were released Tuesday morning by Mayor Denis Coderre and several people representing the Montreal Homeless Count.


by Saturn de Los Angeles

In it's first review in ten years, the Canadian government is dodging questions from the UN concerning human rights.

According to CTV News, the federal government had its first chance to address the 24 questions asked by United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva on tuesday.

However, none of the questions were addressed in senior Justice Department official Laurie Wright's six-page opening statement. 

The investigation comes after the committee received multiple complaints concerning the treatment of aboriginals, the oil industry, and measures to fight terrorism.


by Catlin Spencer
The smoke from Canada's western forest fires has reached as far as Toronto, creating smog-like conditions in Ontario - even though they are over 2 500 kilometers away. 
According to the Weather Network, hundreds of soldiers will be heading to north Saskatchewan on Wednesday to help firefighters battle the massive forest fires.
Since Friday night, the fires have raged across British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Thousands of people have been evacuated from each province, and no deaths have been reported - at least in Saskatchewan - for now.

Meteorologists say the next chance of rain for the southern coast will be early next week.

by Tom Matukala and Catlin Spencer

On the first day of Spain's San Fermin bull-running week. three men were gored and ten others were rushed to hospital.

According to Reuters, the tuesday run involved six bulls specially chosen for their ferocity, and lasted two minutes and 23 seconds.

A doctor at the event says that one man who was gored in the chest was in stable condition.

The bull runs are a traditional part of the Summer festivals in Spain, in which dozens are injured each year.