News for June 1st 2015

by Tom Matukala


Former Montreal mayor Michael Applebaum preliminary hearing is to begin Monday. 

According to CBC News, Applebaum will be heard on 14 charges including fraud and breach of trust. 

Others who were arrested on the same day, such as former borough councillor Saulie Zajdel, have already plead guilty. 

Applebaum was Montreals first elected Jewish and anglophone speaking mayor in 100 years. 

When he was elected as mayor in 2012 he said he would make it his goal to get rid of the corruption in the city.

by Patricia Petit Liang

Trinity Western University in British Columbia is heading to court this week. 

TRinity is repealing the Ontario law society’s decision to refuse the right of the law school’s graduates to practice law inside of the province.

According to CTV News, the Christian university, which has yet to open, has a code of conduct that restricts students from gossiping, swearing, pornography and engaging in sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage.

The university, however, claims that it does not ban the admission of homosexual, bisexual, or transgender students or staff members to its campus.

The university has made several court appearances in other provinces, but British Columbia has denied the school accreditation because of its discriminatory rules.

by Saturn De Los Angeles

Despite the welcomed rains, the extreme heatwave in India has claimed more than two-thousand lives.

According to The Guardian, the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have been hit the worst.

And the death toll continues to rise as 50 more deaths were reported across the northern states and in the capital of New Delhi.

As streets continue to show signs of melting, water camps have opened up to bring relief to commuters.

Despite weekend thunderstorms, temperatures reached a maximum of 47 degrees celsius, but Accuweather is forecasting for monsoon rains to cool down the country later this week.