News for June 26th, 2015

Free Wi-Fi has become available in Old Montreal as well as around the Palais des Congres as of Thursday.

According to the Montreal Gazette, Mayor Denis Coderre is working with the Palais des Congres and Montreal en Histoires to develop a free Wi-Fi network throughout the entire city.

This comes as part of the city’s “Smart and Digital” plan that aims to complete the MtlWifi project in the next 3 years.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Thursday that Canada must join the Pacific Trade Pact, but must also work to protect it's farmers.
According to Reuters, advocates say the Trans-Pacific Partnership would raise annual global economic output by nearly 300 billion dollars.
However, participating nations are urging Canada to also dismantle its supply management systems that help protect dairy, egg and chicken farmers.
Harper has not yet said how he plans on joining the partnership while protecting farmers, but potentially dismantling the management system could cost him politically in the upcoming election in October. 

French taxi drivers rallied to protest against the ride-sharing service Uber, on Thursday.

According to NPR, nearly 3000 drivers formed blockades, and set fire to tires in large train stations and airports, most notably in Paris and Marseilles.

Taxi drivers have opposed Uber since its inception, as they believe the service is at an unfair advantage: Uber drivers don't undergo the same inspections as cabs, and do need a Taxi licence.