News for June 29th 2015


by Patricia Petit Liang



Volunteers are getting ready to handle hundreds of abandoned animals as moving day is just around the corner.

According to the Montreal Gazette, a volunteer organization called The Freedom Drivers picks up animals from pounds near Montreal, and transports them to rescue organizations in Ontario, Quebec and even the Maritimes.

Between 50 to 70 percent of cats left at pounds are euthanized, but the euthanasia rate for dogs is significantly lower.

The Freedom Drivers are currently looking for new volunteers who can help them transport the abandoned animals.


by Saturn De Los Angeles

Four fishermen were rescued Sunday morning after their boat sank off the Maritime coast.

According to CBC News, the fishermen from Tignish PEI were found 93 kilometers northeast of the town by the Joint Task Force Atlantic.

A Hercules helicopter and Coast Guard vessel both responded to the distress signal, and the men were airlifted to Charlottetown for medical treatment.
Lt.-Cmdr. Bruno Tremblay of the Task Force says the sea conditions at the time of rescue and why the boat sank remains unknown.
by Tom Matukala
The financial crisis in Greece, ongoing for the last five years, took a turn Sunday. 
After over 8 hours of debate, the cabinet has decided to shut down the banks for six straight working days starting Monday.

CTV news also reports that there will also be restrictions on cash withdrawals for citizens, capped at 60 euros or 66 dollars canadian per day. 

Bank cards issued out of the country for the tourists and foreigners, however, will not have restrictions.
These events are putting Greece's financial future and membership in the shared euro currency and European union into question.