News for June 8th 2015

by Patricia Pett Liang


Police have been carefully patrolling Montreal during the Grand Prix weekend to crack down on prostitution.

According to CBC News, the race weekend is the most popular time of year for sexual tourism in Montreal.

Activists from the feminist organization FEMEN have voiced their concerns over the fair treatment of sex-trade workers during the Grand Prix weekend.

Canada’s new prostitution laws have been in effect since December 2014, making it a criminal act to buy or sell sexual services from another person.


by Saturn De Los Angeles


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is upset at the federal government's response to a report released by the aboriginal Truth and Reconciliation commission last week.
According to the Toronto Star, the report described the treatment of aboriginal children in residential schools as a cultural genocide and estimated the deaths of more than 6,000 children.
The Harper government has said they will attempt a complete overhaul of relations with the aboriginal peoples, as well as supporting a fund to promote awareness of what happened in residential schools.

Wynne says Ottawa's reaction to the report is disappointing, and that the government should do more to correct the damage that has been done. 

by Tom Matukala

Small clashes broke out between police and protesters in the Germany where G7 leaders were getting ready to have talks on various topics.

According to the Guardian, demonstrators and rioters tried to break through a police cordon, which lead to various scuffles involving thrown bottles and pepper spray.

A paramedic on the scene stated that many people were taken to the hospital and that about 30 people sustained minor injuries.

Police say that about 4000 protesters were at the event, whereas organizers say there were about 7500.

The G7 summit is a two day gathering, ending on Monday.