News for May 13th, 2015


By Catlin Spencer

A report by Russian opposition says that hundreds of Russian troops have died fighting in Ukraine and that it has cost Russia roughly one billion in US dollars.

According to The National Post, the report was published Tuesday by opposition activist Ilya Yashin, who completed the research after the death of the original author Boris Nemtsov in February.

Entitled “Putin War,” the 64 page report draws on media accounts, testimonies from relatives and other representatives of dead soldiers as well as confidential sources.

However, the Russian Defence Ministry denies that any of their soldiers have fought in Ukraine, those who have joined the armed separatists were only volunteers.


By Saturn de Los Angeles

A man accused of plotting to bomb Toronto's financial district has refused to testify. 

In a report by CBC News, Jahanzeb Malik decided not to answer questions asked at an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing.

Instead he was interrogated more about his faith, and according to his lawyer, Anser Farooq,

Documented evidence from authorities and an undercover officer who befriended him have not yet been examined nor disclosed. 

His decision to not testify might cost him a fine up to a-hundred thousand dollars, including deportation.


By Tom Matukala

Twelve individuals were arrested in Montreal on Tuesday for alleged tax frauds operations involving 12 million bottles of wine being sold on the black market.

The Montreal Gazette reports that there is still one more individual being searched for on an arrest warrrant.

The investigation began in Januarry 2014 and a First Nation winery in Kahnawake along with established wine companies in Ontario were heavily involved in the investigation. 

ACCES a Montreal police unit of 35 that specializes in the sale of contraband is investigating the matter.