News for May 22nd, 2015

by Emeline Vidal

Three people were arrested following a rally in support of low-rent options, on Thursday.
The rally organized by FRAPRU (Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain) saw  about a 100 people set up tents in a small park to bring awareness to budget-cuts affecting social housing.
According to CBC news, the Police had given the protesters until 4pm to vacate the premises, but 3 men chose to remain
They were subsequently arrested and charged with obstructing an officer in the line of duty.
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre voiced his support for the group's cause, but worries that the tents could become a safety hazard should more people join.
 The RCMP will be receiving roughly $150 million to help conduct terrorism-related criminal investigations over the next five years.
According to The Globe and Mail, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the announcement in Montreal on Thursday at the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.
In addition, border services will be receiving $5.4 million over the five-year span, as well as $1.1 million annually to help with identifying high-risk travellers.
It is still unclear as to whether or not the money is part of the anti-terrorism fund announced in the recent federal budget.
More than three hundred responders are still working to clean-up a 15-km oil slick off the California coast after the rupture of an off-shore pipeline, on Tuesday.
According to BBC, the pipeline spilled out 150,000 gallons of crude oil onto the coastline, just off Santa Barbara, as well as 20,00 more into the Pacific ocean. 
The Chairman and CEO of Plains All American Pipeline LP, Greg Armstrong, vioced deep regrets, saying that the company will remain on site until everything returns to normal.
More than 7 thousand gallons have been cleaned up as of Thursday, but it remains unclear how long the entire operation will take.