News for May 25th 2015

by Tom Matukala


The Patients at the Montreal Children's Hospital moved into their new location at the MUHC's Glen site on Sunday.

CTV news reports that the transfer was a complete success, and that it took the MUHC a total of 3 hours and 57 minutes to execute.

In total, 66 patients were relocated.

The hospitals new Emergency Room is now open as well.

Medical director of the pediatric emergency services, Dr Harley Eisman says countless hours had been put into making the move a success and it truly paid off.


by Saturn De Los Angeles


An internal government memo reveals that Japan has lost interest in seeking a potential free trade deal with Canada.

In a report by The Globe and Mail, Japan would rather focus on building economic partnerships with neighbouring countries across the Pacific.

A deal that would potentially bring up to 3.8 billion dollars in annual profit for Canada, Japan turned down two proposals by the Harper government to host trade talks since 2012.

Trade Minister Ed Fast says that the two countries are still setting a date to resume talks after the G7 summit in Germany next month.

The Harper government has been aggressively trying to secure trading deals in Asia, seeing the continent as a hungry market to sell its energy products.


by Patricia Petit Liang


Gay marriage was approved in Ireland on Saturday with 62 percent of citizens voting in favour of it.

According to CBC News, the Justice Department confirmed on Sunday that this week a marriage bill will be drafted in order to allow gay marriages.

However, the bill will guarantee that no church is obligated to perform gay marriages, as demanded by Ireland’s Catholic, Protestant and Muslim communities.

The bill is expected to become law in July and the first gay weddings will take place in fall.