News for May 27th, 2015

The death toll of the sudden and catastrophic tornado that hit Mexico early Monday has been raised to thirteen, after the body of a baby was found in northern Mexico.

According to the Washington Post, the tornado has left 300 people injured, destroyed 200 homes and affected 4 000 citizens.
President Enrique Pena Nieto took part in surveying the damaged areas and helped coordinated rescue efforts.
State Governor Ruben Moriera says there were no warnings that the tornado was going to hit, as it touched down in a matter of seconds.

Students at a Toronto high school wore crop tops on Tuesday in protest after school officials found one student’s outfit inappropriate and took her out of class.

According to CTV News, high school student, Alexi Halket was offended by the incident, claiming that the school was sexualizing her outfit by deeming it unprofessional.

After arguing with principal Rob MacKinnon, Halket went home and rallied her friends into wearing crop tops to school the next day.

Principal MacKinnon went on to speak to 200 students in order to try to resolve the issue, but unfortunately, students and officials have yet to come to an agreement.


RCMP officers and the Montreal police jointly handled a series of raids in the city's East End on Tuesday.

According to the Montreal Gazette, they issued warrants to enter homes, and were seen taking what may have been boxes of computer equipment.

An RCMP spokesperson declined to comment on why the being raids were being done.

However, unconfirmed reports say they may link to the recent arrest of ten College de Maisonneuve students at Trudeau International Airport two weeks ago.

They were being suspected of partaking terrorism-related activities overseas.

Their passports were confiscated and then released after interrogation.