News for May 29th, 2015

According to the Gazette, Montreal is being considered to host a Formula-E race in 2016.

Formula-E features cars that resemble Formula-1's except that they are electric, and the races usually take place in city centres.
Mayor Denis Coderre voiced his interest on Thursday, and declared that negotiations were ongoing.
The mayor did not address the race's circuit, or the costs brought about by road repairs and security installations.
So far, only 2 cities in North America host Formula-E races: Miami, FL, and Long Beach, CA.
A report by the Correctional Investigator of Canada asserts that federal prisons are abusing the use of solitary confinement on inmates.
According to the Toronto Sun, nearly half of the inmates in federal custody have been placed in solitary at least once.
Moreover, the report released Thursday showed that those with mental illness wind up in solitary more often than other inmates, despite the fact that inmates who are segregated are twice as likely to attempt suicide or self-harm.
The report also shows that aboriginal inmates have a longer average segregation than Caucasian or black inmates. 

More than 1400 people have died this summer during India’s most intense heat wave since 2003.

According to the National Post, the 47 C weather has been causing the streets to melt, crops to burn and the deaths of many animals.

Officials have made efforts to warn citizens about the adverse effects of staying out in the sun and volunteers have been passing out refreshments in order to keep people hydrated.

Poverty has forced many citizens to continue working outdoors despite the harmful weather conditions, and many are hoping for rain to end the severe drought.


An Apple iOS glitch is causing iPhones to crash if a certain series of non-Latin characters are sent via text message.

According to the Guardian, when the Phone attempts to abbreviate a specific string of Unicode script to be displayed in a banner notification, the phone crashes and reboots.
Those worried about possibly receiving the text can simply disable notifications on their phone.
An Apple spokesman says the company has been made aware of the issue, and that they are attempting an update to repair it.