News for May 6th 2015

by Tom Matukala


Dozens drowned after a boat with an estimated 137 migrants deflated in the Mediterranean.

The incident occurred south of Sicily according to aid group, Save the Children. 

In a report by BBC, they also stated that some survivors believe that up to 40 individuals were taken by the sea. 

Over the course of the recent weeks, the number of migrants has increased, as smugglers take advantage of the good weather. 

The Italian coastguard says that approximately 7000 people have been rescued in the past three days, and there have been 10 recovered bodies. 


by Patricia Petit Liang

A recent online poll paid by the Canadian Women’s Foundation has found that most Canadians know very little about sexual consent.

According to CTV News, the online poll had a sample of 1,500 Canadians - and although 96% of them believed that sex should always be consensual, 67% had poor knowledge about the definition of sexual consent.

One in 10 Canadians didn't know or believe that consent is required between long-time partners, and only one third knew that consent can be revoked during a sexual encounter.

These poll findings were released to coincide with the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s annual Campaign to End Violence, which will run throughout the entire month of May.


by Saturn De Los Angeles

A young Montrealer is crying foul for unwanted police brutality.

In a report by C-B-C News, Xavier Amodeo [ZAY-vier / Ahmoh-day-yoh] says Montreal Police beat him up during last Friday's anti-austerity demonstrations.

An online video uploaded by an eyewitness shows the 20-year-old peacefully walking towards the protest happening downtown before three officers surround him, grapple his arms, and repeatedly punch his face.

S-P-V-M Commander Ian Lafrenière says the force has the right to use such force while making an arrest in certain situations.

He adds that it is too soon to decide whether the officers should be disciplined based on the video alone, and that he would like to get more information about what happened.

An investigation regarding the incident is underway.