News For Monday July 6th 2015

By Catlin Spencer
This past weekend marked the 7th edition of Montreal Comic Con at the Palais de Congres.
According to the Journal de Montreal, this years convention saw over 60,000 participants, including comic book fans, video gamers and cosplayers alike.
Attendees were also invited to play-test video games from both mainstream and independent Montreal-based video game developers.
This year, the Palais hosted celebrities such as actress Karen Gillan from Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy, and actor Ron Pearlman from Hellboy.
By Catlin Spencer
A Tim Hortons employee from Hamilton, Ontario has been charged with theft after their employer noticed over 200 000 dollars missing from the franchises end-year financial statements. 
According to The Toronto Star, the owners of the Tim Hortons estimate the outstanding loss occurring from January 2014 to May 2015.
The employee, Mariel Abejero, who was responsible for the stores bank deposits, was arrested in June by police.
She has been charged with over five thousand dollars in theft, and is scheduled to appear in court July 29th.
By Catlin Spencer
Sixty-one per cent of Greeks voted to reject the conditions of a rescue package offered by creditors on Sunday.
According to the CBC, European union leaders are now calling for a summit on Tuesday to discuss their next possible move.
Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told his people that they made a very brave choice, and called it a mandate to strengthen their negotiating position.
The conditions on the rescue package would have imposed more austerity measures on the struggling country.
However, the vote has deepened Greece's standoff with lenders and thrown their membership in the eurozone into further doubt.