News for October 20th 2014

Hunters allowed on Heron Island

by Julia Bryant


The Quebec government has announced that hunters will be allowed on Montreal’s Heron Island for the first time.

According to CBC news, the small island in the Saint Lawrence River has experienced a large growth in their white-tailed deer population.

Quebec’s Ministry of Wildlife says the island is overpopulated and the ecosystem is being damaged.

The government is allowing 15 bow hunters to kill some of the deer.

The hunters will be permitted on the island until Thursday.



RCMP hoping to recruit more female officers

by Emeline Vidal


The RCMP wants to recruit an equal number of men and women starting next January.

According to the National Post, 25% of sworn officers are women, but the RCMP hopes to reach 30% by 2025.

The force is releasing targeted advertisements, assistance in preparing for fitness tests, and accelerated application processes.

The Mounties stated they hoped to better represent their communities, but some, including current female officers, fear that the selection standards would be lowered for women.

While recruitment may become easier, the integration of women into the police force remains uncertain.

A proposed class-action lawsuit alleging discrimination and harassment within the RCMP currently has more than 300 complainants.



Gunfire exchanged between North and South Korea

by Catlin Spencer


There was a ten minute exchange of gunfire at the border of North and South Korea on Sunday.

According to BBC news, there were no reports of any injuries.

Officials say that South Korean soldiers began firing warning shots when North Korean soldiers approached the border, prompting the North to return fire.

There were other skirmishes between the two sides earlier this month as well.

One incident involved a North Korean patrol boat, and the other - balloons carrying anti-Kim Jong-un leaflets from the South.

The two sides have been fighting since the early 1950’s.