News for October 21st 2014

US labelling laws found to be biased

by Alexa Everett


The United State’s meat labelling laws have been overturned after the World Trade Organization ruled them discriminatory against Canada’s beef and pork industries.

According to the Toronto Star, America’s labelling laws were biased against exports from Canada and Mexico, giving preferential treatment to its own meat and costing the Canadian industry over a billion dollars a year. 

The laws demanded that all meat packages state where the meat was from.

Those in favour of the stricter laws said that it allowed consumers to be more aware about where their food came from.



Mysterious naval activity near Stockholm

By Omar Megahed


The Swedish Navy is searching for signs of foreign underwater activity in its waters.

An underwater vessel, suspected to be a Russian submarine, was spotted 25km from Stockholm.

According to BBC, in 1981 there was another incident where a Russian submarine, carrying nuclear weapons, was stranded in Swedish waters.

As the search continues, the Navy is warning boats to steer clear of the area surrounding Nattaro island.