News for October 27th 2014

Death in St-Alexis after car crashes into house

by Julia Bryant


A woman is dead after a car crashed into her house in St-Alexis, Quebec on Sunday morning.

According to CBC, her husband was severely injured in the crash.

Three children were sleeping in other rooms of the house and were not injured in the accident.

The driver of the car, a man in his 20s, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the bedroom of their home.

He is facing charges for dangerous driving causing death, and police are investigating if he was under the influence of alcohol at the time.



Funeral for fallen soldier in Ottawa

by Emeline Vidal


The funeral for Cpl Nathan Cirillo, the Canadian soldier shot Wednesday in Ottawa, will be held on Tuesday.

Cirillo was killed while on sentry duty at the War Memorial. His attacker stormed the main entrance to the Parliament before being shot by security officers.

According to the Star, the service will start at noon at Christ’s Church Cathedral on James St. N. in his hometown, Hamilton, Ontario.

While the service is for guests only, members of the public are invited to pay their respects during the procession James St. N to the cathedral.

The service will also be broadcast via video link.



Two foreign bases close in Afghanistan

by Catlin Spencer


After thirteen years in Afghanistan, British troops and U.S. Marines ended their combat operations and handed over two adjacent bases to the Afghan government.

According to Reuters, the last of the forty thousand military personnel left the American camp Leatherneck and British camp Bastion on Sunday.

Together, the two camps had been the international coalition's regional headquarters for the southwest of Afghanistan in the province of Helmand.

With their departure, the American forces are leaving behind roughly $230 million worth of property and equipment for the Afgan military.

A complete withdrawal of foreign troops by years-end will leave Afghanistan and newly appointed President Ashraf Ghani to deal with the Taliban insurgency practically unaided.