News for Wednesday, June 24th 2015

by Catlin Spencer
A driver has died of his injuries after falling from the Ville-Marie Expressway Tuesday afternoon.
According to the Montreal Gazette, the man was part of a collision on the 720 Westbound.
The driver escaped his vehicle by climbing out of the window before falling 10 to 15 meters onto the ramp below.
He was rushed to hospital with serious injuries before passing away.
A double-decker Megabus and tractor-trailer collided on highway 401 near the Quebec-Ontario border Tuesday afternoon, injuring 15 and sending four to the hospital.
According to CTV News, the bus was carrying 45 people when the accident occurred.
One passenger was air-lifted to the Ottawa General hospital campus, others were evacuated to a nearby Williamstown arena.
Megabus says that they are fully cooperating with authorities for the investigation.
Emergency measures have been called for as the Pakistan heatwave death toll has reached nearly 700.
According to BBC, temperatures have reached an upwards of 45 degrees Celsius, with thousands of people being treated and some in serious condition.
While the hot weather is not unusual for this time  of the year in Pakistan, prolonged power cuts affecting air-conditioning and fans are making matters worse- as well as people abstaining from drinking water in the daylight hours during Ramadan.
The government is being criticized for it's slow response to the crisis.
An investigation is underway in British Columbia to find the man who attempted to ride a moose across a body of water in the Tuchodi Lakes area.
According to CBC, a video of the man jumping onto the moose from a boat and riding it for roughly 15 seconds before falling off was uploaded to Youtube on Saturday. 
Officials are looking for the man as there are laws in B.C. against the harassment of wildlife.