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By Patricia Petit Liang

The Montreal police service broke a historic agreement with Indigenous people by abruptly scrapping a sensitivity training plan created by a network of local Aboriginal groups.

According to CBC News, the SPVM initially agreed to have all of its officers undergo 4 hours of training about Indigenous history and culture in 2015.

The Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network spent hours and thousands of dollars developing this training program, expecting it to be adopted by police.

Nakuset, the executive director of The Native Women's Shelter of Montreal put together a 31-page manual and created interactive workshops at the request of police and only learned that the SPVM had replaced the program when she was told by CBC News.


By Allison O’Reilly

Survivors of sexual assault from national ski coach Bertrand Charest are speaking out, demanding changes to the sport.

According to CTV News, an emotional press conference was held on Monday in which four of the many women who were sexually assaulted said he robbed them of their childhood.

Charest was convicted of 37 counts of sexual assault and related charges for a series of crimes committed in the 1990s.

This is the first time the victims were able to speak in public about what they endured after going to court to lift a publication ban.


By Calvin Cashen

An active volcano erupted in Guatemala killing more than 69 villagers on Sunday.

According to BCC News, the villagers were killed by a phenomenon known as “Pyroclastic flows”, a lethal plume of ash formed by volcanic gases and dust particles.

Authorities confirmed that some residents were able to flee the region in time, while others chose to stay in their homes.

Much of the region remains covered in ash.

Experts say the eruption has since subsided, but warned locals of encountering mudslides and debris in the coming weeks.