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The CAQ has declared the crucifix hanging on the back wall of the national assembly will stay.

The religious symbol will remain, while the Coalition has vowed to barre public servants from wearing religious insignia

According to the CBC, the CAQ said they are prepared to fire teachers who refuse to take off their religious garb, however may allow some wiggle room for working-teachers.

The ban, therefor, would only affect new hires.


SOL MAMAKWA “Karlena Kamenawatamin was a 13 year old girl from Bearskin Lake, a remote fly-in community in my riding. Karlena took her own life early yesterday morning.”

That’s Ontario New Democrat MPP Sol Mamakwa speaking out in remembrance of 13-year-old Karlena Kamenawatamin, who took her own life in late September.

SOL MAMAKWA “This is a health crisis. This is a mental health crisis. This is an intergenerational trauma crisis. This is a housing crisis.”

Mamakwa says the suicide rate among Indigenous children under 15 in his riding is 50 times higher than the national average


JAIR BOLSONARO “Brasil acima de tudo, Deus acima de todos!”

“Brazil above everything, God above everyone” is the slogan of far-right, former army captain presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro won 46.7 per cent of the primary vote in Brazil’s sunday election. About 3 per cent shy of an outright victory.

Brazilians will head for a second round of voting on October 28th.