Oil Spill News


BP is trying another technique to stem the flow of oil into the ocean called "cut and cap" - it is apparently fraught with risk and could actually increase the flow of oil into the Gulf. There are ways to deal with an oil spill other than trying to cap or disperse it:  Back in Saudi Arabia, in 1994, they had a 700 million dollars -- 700 million gallon spill. And you know what they did...? They brought in tankers from all over the world and they sucked it up out of the bays, and they treated it. And you know what? They cleaned up 85 percent of it.


 I realize that Obama will end up taking most of the heat for the spill but have a look here at politicians who should be getting blame for the short-sighted policies that led to the spill.

From Huffpo, nine animals threatened by the spill. Tony "I want my life back" Hayward claiming BP did a good job cleanig thinngs up.

MSM scrutiny from Joe Romm: Newsweek publishes a fact-free essay on climate change written by their economics editor. Coincidentally on the radio show this morning we cited this National Geographic article about indigenous peoples and what they can teach us about climate change. This is absolutely must read for understanding why the average temperature change across the globe can be so slight, 0.76 C degree increase since the beginning of the 20th century, and the consequences so far-reaching.

Lying and obfuscation not good for BP's bottom line. It might even break them.Who'd a' thunk it? Six more reasons not to trust BP