Oneohtrix Point Never Returns to Montreal

The last time Oneohtrix Point Never played a show in Montreal was 2018. Suffice to say, a lot has changed since then.

In the past six years, OPN (helmed by child of refuseniks Daniel Lopatin) has gone from being an obscure, critically acclaimed composer and producer to a moderately recognized, critically acclaimed composer and producer. Lopatin’s relative opacity is surprising considering his recent output. He’s become the go-to-music-guy for the Safdie brothers, directed his bff The Weeknd’s Super Bowl halftime show, dated a controversial neo-fascist podcaster, and collaborated on and/or produced scores of well-received albums and singles from the likes of Soccer Mommy, Charli XCX, David Byrne, Rosalia, and FKA Twigs—to name a few. 

MYRIAD, the 2018 touring show, was an experimental live installation that blended original music and the Age Of (2018) album with digital art. The result? A strange, cacophonous robotic soundscape set against images of hyper-consumption, bringing attention to the reification of OPN’s own artistry as a consumer product. Woof. 

If that seems like it’s a step above the regular fare that a casual music listener would enjoy, that’s because it is. When OPN returns to Montreal, he’ll be returning to Theatre Fairmount, the local venue/secret second floor of Supermarché PA, known for booking now-legendary acts like Cupcakke and Oasis. Again, is the live interpretation of OPN’s 2023 album of the same name. 

Again comes in a long line of extremely well-received albums. While it didn’t get quite the same buzz as the totemic Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (2020), for fans of Lopatin and those who like their music glitchy and post-human, and are constantly pondering the role of “the archive” in the everyday, Again hit the perfect sweet spot. It’ll be interesting to see what experimental artist Freeka Tet will do in his role as creative director for the tour and how Lopatin’s bugged-out ambient music will sound nestled in the hallowed halls of Fairmount.

Oneohtrix Point Never is playing at Theatre Fairmount Monday April 29th, presented by Avec Courage and Good Shows