Osheaga 2022 CJLO Top Picks – Nostalgic for the Moment

Osheaga is finally back with its first full-scale edition (taking place at Parc Jean-Drapeau from July 29th – July 31st) since the beginning of the pandemic. Headlined by Arcade Fire, Dua Lipa, and Future, the festival is also celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. 

If that wasn’t already exciting enough, CJLO also has a pair of tickets up for grabs – head to our Instagram page to enter the giveaway!

In the meantime, here are the 2022 lineup top picks from the CJLO magazine team.

Sophia Bel
Montreal’s own Sophia Bel is the epitome of early 2000s energy, specifically the pop rock girls (think Lindsay Lohan’s character in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen). The call and response crowd opportunities alone in the song "You’re Not Real You’re Just a Ghost" are reason enough to have this artist on your live music radar. Here’s hoping “2AM (And I Did It Again)” is also on the setlist for an extra dose of that energy. The whiny tinge on her vocals and the ramp up in desperation towards the end is a roller coaster in the best way. There’s a certain flair that encapsulates that era, and Bel has her finger on the pulse. 
Catch her on Saturday July 30th at the Sirius XM Tree Stage from 6:05-6:45pm.

Lucy Dacus
Lucy Dacus makes music for former emo kids occasionally struggling with finding their grace as adults. Every single song is an emotional journey somehow specifically targeted to the listener, despite them being a stranger; everyone can find connection in the lyrics. Her songs are the equivalent of being a kid and watching two raindrops “race” each other on the outside of a car window, mixed with a HEAVY dose of unlocking deep sadness you didn’t even realize you had. On the other hand, there’s also plenty of angst (and a perfect opportunity to scream sing along as a cathartic way to air out your grievances towards a toxic ex or former friend). Whichever energy you prefer, it will tug at your heartstrings in a very specific way. 
Catch her on Sunday July 31st at the Coca-Cola Valley Stage from 7:05-7:50pm.

Charli XCX
Having burst into the “soft grunge” era back in 2014, Charli XCX maintains her all or nothing live performance style with every show. She has held her own since playing tiny stages as an opening act and solidified her place as a must-see pop artist on festival circuits. She’s a pop music chameleon and full of surprises that always pay off.
Catch her on Friday July 29th at the Bell River Stage from 6:45-7:45pm.

Tove Lo
Is it embarrassing to admit that my introduction to Tove Lo was through a remix of “Moments” being featured on a scene on the show Riverdale? Maybe. Am I glad it was? Absolutely. Something good had to come out of that show. Tove Lo’s consistent blend of glossy pop with vulnerable lyrics touching on relationships and their ups and downs is the perfect combination for a hyped-up festival crowd.
Catch her on Saturday at the Bell River Stage from 4:05-4:55pm.

Of all the names on the lineup, Mitski jumped out to me almost immediately. One of the most expressive artists I have ever come across, she brings something truly unique to each performance by using her entire body to connect with the music on stage. It’s a mixture of planned choreography and electrifying movement, influenced by her soaking up the crowd’s energy. The fact that her latest album, Laurel Hell, is filled with 80s dance-pop elements, is a massive bonus.
Catch her on Saturday at the Coors Light Mountain Stage from 6:35-7:35pm.

Kaitlyn’s Osheaga ’22 Guide for the Helplessly 2014 Nostalgics  
Charli XCX
Undoubtedly, Charli XCX makes the list. The electro-pop icon who rose onto the scene in the peak years of Tumblr and indie sleaze makes her something of a veteran. Although the days of American Apparel lamé leggings, flash photography and low thrift store prices are gone, Charli XCX’s music thankfully isn’t and instead the artist has only continued making relevant and reflective electro-pop tunes; even entering the territory of hyperpop since collabing with the likes of A.G. Cook and Sophie.
Tove Lo
I still remember Tove Lo’s music trickling its way onto Tumblr, alongside all of music from the alt-pop girlies of the ‘10s. And when Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High)” eventually swarmed its way onto the charts, it also became a definitive song for that era and for the summer of 2015. The 2014 LP Queen of the Clouds remains my personal favourite off of Tove Lo’s discography and admittedly, would catch her set for my 15 year old self.

Turnstile (Brendan Yates, Franz Lyons, Daniel Fang, Brady Ebert, Pat McCrory)
Also sticking out is the only hardcore punk outfit among the lineup, Turnstile. Their first full length, Nonstop Feeling (2016) made it onto my angsty teen soundtrack so not attending their set would be blasphemy.
Catch them on Friday July 29th at the Chevrolet Valley Stage from 7:05-7:55pm.
Khruangbin (Laura Lee on bass, Mark Speer on guitar, and Donald "DJ" Johnson Jr. on drums)
Simply put, Khruangbin is the sort of show whose sound would only be optimized on a warm July night. Their music melds eclectic influences such as soul, psychedelia, funk and largely pay homage to Thai music; the band name being Thai for “airplane”, referring to their connection towards music from all over.
Catch them on Saturday July 30th at the Bell River Stage from 7:35-8:35pm.

Coco & Clair Clair (Taylor Nave and Claire Toothill)
Living in the past isn’t fashionable, even to a self-proclaimed Nostalgic and is partly the reason why Coco & Clair Clair make the list of my top Osheaga picks. Taylor Nave and Claire Toothill are a recently formed outfit who combine bubblegum pop production with a hip-hop execution. Although their music definitely alludes to the likes of early Y2K music trends—and early ‘00s currents such as sampling music from Sims 2, their music provides a fresh sound and knows how to make a person feel nonchalant and cool for a friend’s night out or for those dance parties of one.
Catch them on Sunday July 31st at the Chevrolet Valley Stage from 2:40-3:20pm.