Party leaders campaign through weekend

It was another weekend of fierce campaigning for Canada’s party leaders. 

NDP leader Jack Layton was in Toronto Sunday to unveil his party’s platform. Layton’s plans include a 3 per cent hike in corporate tax rates. This would bring in an estimate $10 billion by 2015. Other NDP platform points include the hiring of doctors and nurses, and tax cuts for job-creating small businesses. Conservative candidate James Moore said the platform would hurt Canadians. He said all the NDP wants is a coalition government and higher taxes.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper was in Acton Vale, Que. He pledged to cut spending by 5 per cent over three years. He would not reveal details, but said vital services would not be affected.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is in Kingston Monday, where he is scheduled to hold a news conference.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May will not take part in the televised debate tomorrow. But she was interviewed for a half-hour program called Elizabeth May, For the Record on Sunday evening. It aired on several TV stations across the country. May said her party’s priority is winning seats.