The Resonance Series of 5 Podcasts

By the Fall 2020 HUMA 888 class at Concordia University:
This series of interdisciplinary investigations across the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Fine Arts manifest a creative thinking through theoretical issues vital diverse practices. Taking on theoretical and substantive inquiries, these podcasts demonstrate experiments with thinking through the lenses provided by various philosophical concepts to create fruitful dialogues between disciplines, or subject areas, and unsettle traditional paradigms. Truth and knowledge are probed as contextual, contingent and processual by foregrounding the notions of “the multiple, the temporal, and the complex” (Prigogine and Stengers, 1984: xxvii) through an understanding of interdisciplinary inquiry as a way of exposing knowledge as socially constructed and creating open texts that provide spaces for knowing “otherwise.”
Hour 1:
  1. Stories of Cuts and Care
  2. Aural Assembly: Echoing Life Worlds
  3. Grave Danger

Hour 2:

  1. Virtual Agents of Care?     
  2. Fragmenting Displacement