Resonating Reconciliation Broadcast: July 1st, 2020

In honour of tomorrow’s Canada Day 153 celebration, CJLO will be airing documentaries from the National Campus and Community Radio Association’s Resonating Reconciliation, a project that engages community radio to help reconcile all Canadians with the history of Indian Residential Schools. The broadcast will take place tomorrow, July 1st from 11 AM until 5 PM EST. The full schedule is posted below. 

“If you’re a conscious Canadian living in this country, you shouldn’t be supporting Canada [153]; you can be proud to be a Canadian and live in this country, but you have to acknowledge the present day plight of indigenous people – as well as the past history – and not just sweep it under the rug.” - Jay Soule

This audio was originally broadcast on CJLO on June 30th, 2017, in response to the Canada 150 Celebration.


11 AM - Law, Land, Language: Resonating Reconciliation in Secwepemculecw, produced by CFBX in Kamloops, British Columbia

In collaboration with Secwepemc Radio, this radio documentary focuses on the ways that law, land, and language have been impacted by the Indian Residential Schools.


12 PM - Adoption and the ’60s Scoop, produced by CFRC in Kingston, Ontario

This documentary follows the life of its producer and includes interviews with others on how the ‘60s scoop continues to impact families, communities, and individuals.


1 PM - What it means to be Indigenous in Canada today with the ongoing impact of Indian Residential Schools, produced by CJAM in Windsor, Ontario

This is an intimate documentary where the producer Andrea describes herself, her story, and the story of her family, friends and community.


1:30 PM - Why can't the past be the past? Produced by CiTR in Vancouver, British Columbia

This documentary aims to educate the listener (who is most likely not Indigenous) about common misconceptions and about the history of Indian Residential Schools not often taught in schools. This documentary provides a safe place for people to learn and find answers to their questions regarding Indian Residential Schools in an open and accessible way.


2 PM - Forgotten Voices, produced by CKUT in Montreal, Quebec

A collection of stories shared at the TRC event in Montréal, Québec.


2:30 PM - Healing through Art, produced by CKUT in Montreal, Quebec

This documentary highlights the effect art can have as it reflects the reality of Indigenous artists


3 PM - Education and Indian Residential Schools, produced by CJSW in Calgary, Alberta

This documentary focuses on education and its role in Indian Residential Schools, and its continuing impact on Indigenous people and Canadians. It also details how the education Jesse's father received in Indian Residential School has impacted his father's perspective towards education and how this has played a role in Jesse's life and family.


3:30 PM - Understanding Truth and Reconciliation: Exploring Reconciliation, Intergenerational Trauma and Indigenous Resistance, produced by CJSR in Edmonton, Alberta

Part one: Dr. James Daschuk talks about his research on the history of the health of indigenous peoples, particularly the effect of starvation. Dr. Ian Mosby continues the discussion by focusing on how starvation and medical experimentation were utilized at the residential school level to further colonial oppression.

Part two: TRC Commissioner Littlechild recounts his personal experience at a residential school in Ermineskin, Alberta.

Part three: Different perspectives from an aboriginal and settler perspective about reconciliation and what the aboriginal-settler relationship means going into the future.

Part four: How indigenous peoples have resisted and survived over history, and identifies the cultural pillars that continue to ensure indigenous survival.