REVIEW - O Body by Po Lazarus

It’s being talked about everywhere at CJLO—our very own On Rotation rock band Po Lazarus is launching their brand new EP, O Body, on April 19only months after the release of their debut album this past fall. Curious about the sound of the record? Wondering what to expect at the band’s live album launch, this Wednesday at the Quai des Brumes? I’ve got you covered—here’s a quick, simple, effective review of the EP (and why you should definitely check it out) by yours truly.

Only a few days prior to the release of their brand new EP O Body, Po Lazarus stopped by the station to speak on Dirty Work about their album.

"This is a bit more… rougher, I would say," said vocalist (and singer, mind you) Joshua Carey about O Body. "A bit louder. That was kind of something that was happening at our live shows, between us and the audience, and it was getting just a bit crazier."

That rough sound, you can hear it from the very first track, “Body Luv.” The song kicks off with a steady beat and sweet guitars, sustained by a wonderful bass line and a moody melody (intriguing, isn’t it?). It’ll get your foot stomping along to the rhythm, appreciating Carey’s all-round vocals, before the energy of the song unleashes about halfway through, wonderful in its explosiveness. You don’t want to miss that song live.

“Body Luv” isn’t the only track with the word “body” in it—in fact, it’s a bit of a theme throughout the EP, which explains its title. "We just realized a bunch of the tunes were mentioning a body, at one point," the band explained. "I suppose we were listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen... And then, I suppose, there's a body shop called 'O Body' right next to my place. We just looked at it, one night, and we were just like, 'Oh, that's nice.'"

Other “body” treats on the EP include “Student Body,” a more toned-down song, rich in crooning guitars that will make you sway to the melody, as well as “Body Water,” a track that tends more to the ballad side of things, slightly melancholic in sound.

My personal favourite? It’s hard to tell. Though I really enjoyed pretty much everything—there’s just so much about O Body and its versatility that’s truly enchanting—I’d have to say “Bovine” might stand out from the rest on my end. Maybe it’s the varying structures of the song that still make up a wonderful product that enraptures me, or the raw vibe I get from the song.

Overall, O Body is nothing short of amazing—five songs that each have their charm, their story, their distinct musicality (including the brilliant sort-of interlude “O Henry (Where Did You Go),” that definitely caught me by surprise). Don’t miss Po Lazarus’ album launch show this Wednesday, at the Quai des Brumes! All profits made at the show will go to La Porte Jaune (The Yellow Door).