Sam Roberts @ Metropolis

Antonella F. - The Siamese Libertines - 11/24/2004

Sam used to be known to me as “that cute, shy waiter from Shayne’s” (the short-lived restaurant on Bishop street owned by the Montreal Canadiens player, Shayne Corson). Now, almost four years later, he is known nationwide as one of Canada’s hottest rock acts. I was, therefore, eagerly anticipating my chance at seeing him again for the first time since his clean-cut days at Shayne’s (I’m not a regular at Le Pistol).

…And Sam Roberts and his crew did not disappoint. In spite of their rise to fame, the band proved that success had neither worn them out nor gone to their heads. With only one full-length album and a couple of old and new tracks to work with, the show could have easily turned into a dry routine. Instead, the band maintained energy and enthusiasm from start to finish, treating each song as if it was being performed for the first time.

The show opened up with We Were Born In A Flame’s debut track, “Hard Road”, and like its resonating words, there definitely was something in the air. This wasn’t about glorification of a rock star, but rather a unification of everyone in the concert hall. Highlights of the night were the songs “Canadian Dream,” “No Sleep,” and “Where Have All The Good People Gone?” which did just that—connecting us all locally, poetically, and socially.

Sam himself sustained an excellent rapport with the crowd, communicating in both French and English, and displaying a genuine appreciation and respect for his fans. He was especially proud to be playing in his hometown—and it showed.

All in all, Sam Roberts provided a good, old fashion rock show—no glitz, no pretension, just great music. As proclaimed by Sam alongside opening act Matt Mays + El Torpedo for the night’s grand finale: “that’s rock ‘n’ roll!”

Antonella hosts The Siamese Libertines every Thursday from 6pm-8pm. If she’s lucky, her other half, Raeanne, will come back to her soon…