SEPULTURA - Live in Sao Paulo

By Kyle O'Blivion - Into the Coven - 11/08/2005

Sepultura return with their first release since 2003's Roorback. The blazing 21-song "best of" setlist contains material from each of their nine studio albums, dating all the way back to 1986's Morbid Visions. For those metalheads who have been living under a rock for the last 20 years, this double-CD set will provide you with a great introduction to Sepultura's lengthy discography. However for fans of mainly the "older" albums (myself included), another live Sepultura album may seem a bit excessive. 2002's Under a Pale Grey Sky (the last show featuring original vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera and recorded in 1996) seemed to capture what may have, arguably, been the best of Sepultura's recorded material -- everything up to 1996's Roots -- with their best lineup. Live in Sao Paulo does not add much to the first double live CD, except for a few songs from the post-Max albums. It also seems a bit excessive that this was released as both a double-CD and DVD, sold separately from one another. It would have made sense to see these two released as one package, with a lower price tag. Unless you're a completist or new to the band, you may want to skip this release and stick to listening to Under a Pale Grey Sky with the classic Sepultura lineup.

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