Striker & Unleash The Archers: The Next Generation of Power Metal

On this legendary day, Edmonton’s power metal outfit Striker and British Columbia’s Unleash the Archers invaded the shores of Montreal.

The show started with Montreal local’s Distoriam, who have been going a bit more strong on the bigger shows that have been coming our way. They started things off with a bang; their musicianship has gotten much more superior since I last saw them. I was generally impressed by their set.

Next up we had Valfreya. Previous times I have seen them, they weren’t my favorite, but this performance caught my attention! They had a lot of energy and stage presence, more than usual. I do not know if it was due to a lineup change, but it was really fun to watch them play.

Next up was Striker, who I was really excited for. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning, jumping up and down, knowing I was finally going to see the band that everyone at the station was talking about. Man, did it ever meet my expectations. The sheer amount of energy these guys put on stage is incredible; never have I seen such young musicians going in with their full potential.

Starting off with Phoenix Lights, they ripped the stage and caused the crowd to go wild. The song is so much better live, more in your face and punchy. Born to Lose was very energetic, and the lights they had were synced to the music, adding flare and contrast to their set. I was mainly looking forward to hearing some new stuff off of Play to Win, their upcoming album. They played Heart of Lies, and that was a treat.

So what is the verdict of Striker’s performance?

Unbelievable, energetic, incredible musicianship, great stage presence, pure Canadian goodness.

So we finally come to the headliner, Unleash the Archers. I was a bit concerned that Striker might have stolen the show, but much to my dismay, I was floored by their stunning performance. Brittney Haye’s vocal performance was stellar, and the band themselves were very tight. They played classic songs such as Tonight We Ride and Time Stands StillThe songs they showcased were mainly from their new album Apex, opening up the set with Awakening. I felt like a elf going on a quest into battle, as the band has a fantasy vibe going on throughout the whole night. I’m very proud of them for putting on such a great show.